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PDF Agent for Relativity

Prepare your documents for discovery on the fly. Australian federal and state practice notes default to exchanging in a PDF format. This unique solution will automatically convert documents to PDF as they are tagged as discoverable and stamps them in accordance with the practice notes.

This unique solution empowers you to view a document in either its stamped PDF or native format, enhancing the standard functionality of Relativity which only allows one file type per document. Mass-action functionality also allow users to bulk convert files to stamped PDF’s. This solution removes the need to rely on a technical team to perform PDF conversion task, saving time and cost.

PDF Agent - Auto Convert Settings
PDF Agent - Mark as Discoverable/Relevant
PDF Agent - Document Stamping
PDF Agent - Document Stamped
PDF Agent - Pre OCR
PDF Agent - Post OCR
PDF Agent - Export Screen
PDF Agent - Export PDF and Native

Pricing Options

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Limited to 1 Relativity instance

  • Auto convert to PDF
  • OCR
  • Stamp with a source field
  • Works with GENIE



Limited to 1 Relativity instance

  • Auto convert to PDF
  • OCR
  • Stamp with a source field
  • Works with GENIE

Version History

v1.8.0 [2020-09-24]:

  • Additional setting to update field when PDFing completed.

v1.7.9 [2020-05-19]:

  • Flatten Native PDF annotaions.

v1.7.8 [2020-05-13]:

  • Compressed output PDF.
  • Cleanup working folder.
  • Performance Improvements.

v1.7.7 [2020-04-09]:

  • Improved Relativity Application Package (.rap).
  • Fixed strange bullet points appearing from imaging.
  • Fixed issues with images.

v1.7.6 [2020-02-24]:

  • Moved license validation to new Hillogic API server.
  • Bulk check for documents in workspace.
  • Added a single line summary to help identify what step HyperlinQ is currently processing.
  • Create log.txt to assist with any issues.

v1.7.5 [2020-02-20]:

  • Added the ability to check found documents against any field in Relativity rather than DocumentID/Control Number only.

v1.7.4 [2020-01-29]:

  • Pre & Post Application Installation Event Handlers created

v1.7.3 [2019-12-06]:

  • Error handling for scripts

v1.7.2 [2019-11-03]:

  • OCR output document
  • Fixed case sensitive file location issue

v1.7.1 [2019-10-09]:

  • Licensing validation changes
  • Scripts updated with case sensitivity paths
  • Failed PDF resubmission limits

v1.7.0 [2019-09-12]:

  • Updates to Documnet Viewer Client ID
  • Tiff compression added using encoders
  • scaling spacing adjusted
  • TIFF DPI changed to 300

  • Requirements Windows Operating System Access to a Relativity environment
  • Documentation User Guide
  • Downloads Relativity On-Prem v1.7.6 - Relativity v10.3.287.3
  • Downloads RelativityOne v1.7.6 - Relativity v10.2+
  • Can't find your version? Download the version closest to your Relativity environment. If you have any issues please contact our team and we will work with you.